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Pungcheon Eel Happy Hour
The Timber House

Pungcheon Eel Happy Hour

Recharge and inspire your palate with a selection of eel dishes crafted by Park Hyatt Seoul chefs.
The Timber House presents an elegant formal-style dinner of grilled eel, steamed rice topped with eel, yam dishes and salad, crafted from pungcheon eel freshly delivered each day. Experience the perfect pairing of pungcheon eel and unlimited servings of Tokki Soju, the traditional Korean liquor that has won the hearts of American drinkers.

Venue: The Timber House (LL)

Period: September 1– October 31, 2020

Sunday – Thursday, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Inclusion: Pungcheon eel dinner paired with unlimited servings of Tokki Soju
- Dining (Option 1 or 2 plus shared dishes) 
Option 1: Steamed rice topped with grilled eel and served with scallion salad, yam and natto
Option 2: Bokbunja raspberry salad, yam tofu, grilled eel and ginger o-nigiri
Shared dishes: Homemade pickles, miso doenjang soup, bokbunja monaka
- Beverages
Tokki Soju White (23% ABV), or Black (40% ABV)
Price: KRW 69,000 per person
The Timber House +82 2 2016 1291
Park Hyatt Seoul +82 2 2016 1234 
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