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Bingsu Selection
The Lounge

Bingsu Selection

Experience a feast for the senses with our extraordinary bingsu selection.

Starting with the Apple Mango Bingsu, enhanced by the chef's live performance and
the refreshing dry ice effect, each creation promises a delightful experience for your eyes and
palate. Indulge in the decadence of the Honey Gold Bingsu crowned with whole honeycomb,
the vibrant tanginess and sweet aroma of the Cherry Bingsu,
or the rich nuttiness of the Persimmon Bingsu, featuring pumpkin sikhye ice and nurungji topping.

For a personalized touch, explore our customizable Bingsu Combination,
ensuring there's something to please every taste.

Savor these exquisite treats against the backdrop of our breathtaking urban vista—a setting perfect for
capturing those memorable, Instagram-worthy moments.

Venue: The Lounge (24F)

Period: Until September 22, 2024

Time: Daily, 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Last order: 9:00 PM) 

Inclusions & Price:
[Special Bingsu]
Apple Mango Bingsu KRW 89,000
[Signature Bingsu]

Persimmon Bingsu: KRW 60,000
Honey Gold Bingsu: KRW 62,000

Cherry Bingsu KRW 65,000
Bingsu Combination: KRW 85,000 (Choice of 2 Signature Bingsus)
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