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The Finest Earth & Ocean Promotion
The Timber House

The Finest Earth & Ocean Promotion

Restore and re-nourish your mind and body at the end of an eventful year with a menu of seasonal delicacies at The Timber House. Each dish is crafted by Japanese master chefs from saw-edged perch, the sea’s finest seasonal offering, and pine mushrooms, full of the earth’s nutrients. A menu of three dishes crafted from winter delicacies saw-edged perch and pine mushrooms.

Venue: The Timber House (LL)

Period: December 1 – December 31, 2020

Time: Daily, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Inclusion & Price: 
a luxury seasonal menu of saw-edged perch, the winter sea’s finest offering,
and pine mushrooms, infused with the nutrients of the land.
1. Saw-edged perch sashimi platter / KRW 150,000
2. Japanese grilled 3 kinds of flavor saw-edged perch & pine mushrooms risotto / KRW 120,000
3. Assorted seafood Nabe / KRW 130,000

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Park Hyatt Seoul +82 2 2016 1234 
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