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The Scent of Jeju Happy Hour
The Timber House

The Scent of Jeju Happy Hour

Happy Hour, the signature event at The Timber House, presents
Japanese-style bento boxes celebrating the unique flavors of Jeju Island, paired with unlimited servings of hot sake—the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable evening.
Sample the pristine natural aromas of Jeju, from seafood in spicy vinegar dressing with cheonhyehyang mandarin, arare tempura with the freshest seafood flown in from Jeju, maki sushi, and assorted sashimi.

Venue: The Timber House (LL)

Period: November 1 – November 30, 2020

Time: Sunday – Thursday, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Inclusion: Jeju speciality bento box paired with unlimited hot sake
- Bento Box Menu:
Jeju Cheonhyeyang Seafood Vinegar
+ Jeju Seafood Glutinous Rice Bowl Tempura
+ Jeju Seafood Rainbow Maki
+ Jeju Seafood Assorted Sashimi
+ Homemade Green Tea Chestnut Manju
 - Beverages:
Unlimited House Hot Sake

Price: KRW 69,000 per person
The Timber House +82 2 2016 1291
Park Hyatt Seoul +82 2 2016 1234 
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