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Gift Certificate

Make your gifts truly memorable with a selection of
hotel gift certificate from Park Hyatt Seoul.
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Gift Certificate for Hotel

Usable in all areas of the hotel, including guest rooms, restaurants, bars, and spas.
This voucher is valid for use with accommodation and in-house dining at Hyatt properties in Korea.
  • KRW 100,000
    KRW 100,000
  • KRW 300,000
    KRW 300,000
  • KRW 500,000
    KRW 500,000

Gift Certificate for Cornerstone

Exceptional dining experiences featuring simple and homely Italian cuisine.
  • Weekend Brunch Table (2 people)

    KRW 250,000
  • Signature Dinner Set
    including Wine Pairing (2 people)

    KRW 390,000

Gift Certificate for The Lounge

Savor premium teas and inspired modern Korean dining amid panoramic urban views.
  • Afternoon Tea Set (2 people)

    KRW 128,000
  • 5-Course Lunch including Beverage Pairing (2 people)

    KRW 300,000

Gift Certificate for The Timber House

Enjoy a carefully curated selection of beverages and professional service in a cozy yet refined ambience.
  • Sushi Omakase including Beverage Pairing (2 people)

    KRW 440,000
  • Sushi Omakase (2 people)

    KRW 300,000